Maikel Melero

2016 FIM FreeStyle Motocross World Champion

Born on 25 January 1981 in Albacete, Spain


Over the last three years, Maikel Melero has become the absolute top favourite of the NIGHT of the JUMPs Series. In 2014 the Spanish freestyle motocross marvel won his first FIM Freestyle MX World Championship title and in 2015 he successfully defended that title.  

Although Maikel still had to fight hard for his first two World Championships, he completely dominated the Series in 2016. He won the two Grand Prix curtain-raisers in Basel and went on to ace the third and fourth contests in Berlin. In March, the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship paid visits to Stockholm und Cracow, and there too, Maikel Malero was on his game. His victory in the Polish Grand Prix actually set an all-season record for the NIGHT of the JUMPs. Never before in the event’s 16-year history had any rider won ten contests in a row.  

After the summer recess, the NIGHT of the JUMPs resumed in Cologne. During training in the Lanxess Arena, Maikel Melero floated a backflip and lost control over the motorcycle 15 metres above the ground, landing without the motorcycle. The Spanish rider came off lightly with just a few bruises, and anyone who thought the World Championship was over for Malero was in for a surprise the following week when, at the Latvian Grand Prix in Riga. In spite of his injuries, Malero took a giant step towards his third World Title. The deciding round of the World Championship took place in China at the end of October. The standout Spaniard won both contests at the event in Shenzhen, clinching the 2016 title with an unbelievable nine out of ten possible wins over the World Championship season.


3 World Titles – 2014 to 2016